Experience Lachen with Alpine Hills Retreat like never before

Surrounded by towering hills and snow ranges, Lachen, although not a big tourist destination yet, but retains a freshness and a natural charm. The village, comprising less than 200 houses, used to be a winter settlement for the nomadic Yak herders, who spend their summers on the alpine pastures bordering Tibet tending to their yaks. With incredible natural treasures of high mountains, alpine pastures, pristine high altitude lakes and valleys, Lachen offers a base to explore some of the least visited parts of Sikkim. An exciting trek to Green Lake to the foot of Kanchenjunga peaks originates from Lachen. Lachen is also the base to visit the highest lakes in Sikkim – the sacred Gurudongmar and Tso Lhamu.
A small and colourful monastery at the top of Lachen Village portrays a simple and religious life of the Lachen Pa – the ethnic community of Lachen. Religious mask dance is held in this monastery every year to celebrate Loosong – the Tibetan New Year, at the December end.

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Thangu, the last village in North Sikkim, is situated at an altitude of 13,500 ft and is one of the highest settlements in the world and the highest in Sikkim. Thangu is a village of nomadic Yak herders and is about two hours’ drive from Lachen. This small village provides a stopover for the people […]

Gurudongmar Lake

One of the topmost attractions in North Sikkim is a visit to Gurudongmar Lake. Situated at a height of 17,800 feet, it is one the highest alpine lakes in the world and considered the most sacred lakes by the Buddhists and Sikhs. The journey to this awe-inspiring lake starts from Lachen and takes about 3hrs […]

The Angora Rabbit Farm

Rabom, a small on the way to Lachen, become popular for producing Angora Rabbit Wool. The farmhouses have an in-house workshop, where the local villagers prepare warm nice looking caps and other products from Angora wool. This place gives a nice shopping break for travellers coming from Gangtok or when they leave Lachen on their […]

Chopta valley

At a distance of one and half hour drive from Lachen, lies Chopta Valley with its virgin appeal. Located adjacent to Thangu Village, this valley at 13000 feet, is one of the few accessible places in Sikkim, where you can walk over the frozen river during winter. During spring, the valley sets ablaze with the […]