Authentic Sikkimese CuisineGundruk

It is served as a side dish with the main meal and is also used as an appetizer. Gundruk is an important source of minerals, particularly during the off-season when the diet consists of mostly starchy tubers and maize, which tend to be low in minerals.

Gundruk is made from leafy greens that are crushed and packed tightly into a container and kept in a dark warm place for fermentation. When the desired level of fermentation is reached, the leafy greens removed and dried in the sun. It’s commonly made into a pickle, called Gundruk ko achar. It tastes like slightly mushroomy and quite salty. It perfectly complements Nepali curries and a dollop of it is usually added to a dal Bhat meal.

As it is being rich in lactic acid, Gundruk is said to aid milk-production during lactation for mothers, while sinki helps cure diarrhea and stomach pains, the study says, it is good for indigestion. Lactic acid additionally helps relieve diarrhea and boosts the immune system.

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