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Giant wood masks are used by Buddhist monasteries and Lamas for rituals and dances that are ritual. Watch this video of Cham Dance to see the variety of masks in action. Masks are also employed by typical visitors to reduce the chances of the eye that is evil bad spirits. You can see masks hanging […]

Helicopter ride in Gangtok

There is plenty to do in Gangtok. An exciting helicopter ride would allow you to enjoy the panoramic and birds’ eye view of the entire city. Sikkim Govt conducts several rides during wintertime when the sky remains clear. Each of the flights gives a majestic close-up view of the Himalayan peaks like never before. It […]


To enjoy the panoramic view of the city a ride of the ropeway is a thrilling experience. The ride takes you to the highest point of the city, covering a distance of about 1 km in only seven minutes. This is a popular attraction for the locals and tourists.


Amongst all types of Adventure activities, Paragliding holds a special place – it is simply free flying with the aid of simple-shaped craft parachutes. Flying like a bird high up above in the sky from where you can see almost everything and everyone stayed only a fantasy until the adventurous experience of paragliding came to […]

Top Sikkimese Souvenirs To Pick – Shopping In Sikkim

How many Sikkim Souvenirs can you pick – not many, right? Wait till you read this. It may possibly be the state that is minuscule by location, however, it has a rich culture so it wants to commemorate through its garments, jewelry & ritual things. The final time once I had visited their state, used […]

Prayer Flags

Anywhere you go within the state prayer that is colorful fluttering in the air welcome you. They would be found by you on foothills, at waterfalls, on roadsides, on paths causing the ponds and merely about everywhere. Prayer flags are supposed to spread the prayers floating around for the goodwill this is certainly general of. […]

Thangka Paintings

Thangka paintings are found throughout the Himalayas – in Bhutan, Nepal, Ladakh not to mention Sikkim. You will find Thangkas in cotton, silk, and undoubtedly report. They are mini paintings depicting either the views from Buddha’s life, Buddhist deities & Bodhisattvas, or perhaps the mystic Mandalas. You connect with the iconography, choose the main one […]

Singing Bowls

This might be my souvenir that is favorite from. A performing bowl is something you may have noticed in numerous Buddhist monasteries. Performing bowls are metallic bowls, I assume manufactured from combined metals. They often have mantras engraved on it. What exactly is intriguing about these bowls is you proceed the rim for the bowl […]

Prayer Wheels

A prayer wheel is Small cylindrical containers mounted on a holding stick and with a bond that is beaded from this. Often, the cylinders are created in material. High-end people generally have rocks which can be valuable them. What is more essential could be the prayer scrolls which can be held in the cylinder. Exactly […]

Traditional Dress

Then chances are you must buy the Sikkimese dress this is certainly quite like a Nepalese dress if you’re one of those who likes to dress like a neighborhood or collects regional dresses. They are next-door neighbors needless to say. Formal dresses are available silk and brocade, and often into the textile that is thick […]

Traditional Precious Jewelry

I know the reference to Himalayan Jewelry brings visuals of Turquoise rock jewelry. This time around I stepped just a little deeper than just getting the beautiful stone jewelry that is blue. We sat having a jeweler that is local asked him to spell out in my experience the traditional designs being native to hawaii. […]

Ghau Pendants

They are pendants come in the shape of an field that is ornate maintain the prayer scrolls inside them. Often it had been also used to keep herbs which can be sacred relics of departed gurus. Typically made from silver they usually have healing stones embedded inside them. Turquoise is one recovery that is such […]

Akor Earrings

These are stunning earrings that can be worn by the Lhasa ladies. The identification this is certainly distinct of lengthy earrings is the fact that they end in a lotus bud. Akor earrings are covered in Turquoise stone and coral that is red be present to give the hint of red. They used to be […]